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Message posted by CHetz (Member since 07/14/2020) on December 08, 2021 at 12:42:22 PST:

I know what you mean as far as it being difficult to focus, the 60mm refractor was the same way.

Also the high power eyepieces were practically useless for whatever reason, I think it was because the field of view was too small so even the slightest vibration or trying to look through the eyepiece moved the point of focus too much , but I had eyepieces stronger than the one used for the photo I posted of the water tower and Hangar 4 so in a perfect world I could have zoomed in more but I'm sure the quality would be awful.

Thanks for the info on the D-60, I'll check it out, and I'll be sure to get there on the earlier side so the base isn't shadowed out.

Based on the timestamp of those photos the zoomed one was taken at 6:02 am and the wide one at 5:57, which was right around sunrise. No way I'll be there that early this time, but I'll shoot for being on the peak before noon.

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