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Message posted by Theran (Member since 06/04/2021) on December 06, 2021 at 13:21:00 PST:

I was in Las Vegas with my girlfriend, and we were going up to visit Glenn and Freedom Ridge. We decided to bring him some "provisions and supplies" (i.e., Coke and Doritos), and that morning when we went to the store we saw the headline in the paper saying the land grab had just happened. We didn't make the trip after all, but I was able to meet Glenn once when he arranged a special tour of the NTS for a bunch of people. We were on a ridge in Area 12, and we looked out on the horizon, and our tour guide said, "In the distance you can see a dry lake bed that may be of interest to you." Amazing.

Glenn did more for Area 51 than many. (Not to mention Mahood, Merlin, Sweetman, Arnu, etc.) May Psychospy never be forgotten...

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