Re: What happened to Campbell? is he still around?

Message posted by Cataclysmic (Member since 09/01/2021) on September 01, 2021 at 2:33:07 PST:

Hey there :)

I'm also from Europe and have been a lurker here since early 2000, but your post inspired me to finally write something myself.

I wouldn't dare to write about Black Projects, since most people here are way more knowledgeable than me in the subject, but at least I can contribute this:

It seems that Glenn Campbell had started a YouTube channel a few years ago, and it even contains some videos about Area 51:

It's been some time since he's posted something new, but perhaps you might find the Area 51 videos interesting (I know I did).

As a side note, thank you Joerg and everyone else on DLR for all the amazing work all these years.

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