B-21 and B-1, B-2 and B-52 Life Extensions

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Hello Everyone,

I have been watching Davis-Monthan Airforce Base very closely and I have seen so far at least 7 B-1 Lancers being retired as of this post. I understand that most are being retired to make way for the new B-21. Most of the B-52 are being brought to DM and other facilities to be either reengined or to be stored until the new engines are ready. We have a B-52 that is currently being reactivated at the base, from what I have been told, for the beginning of the re-engine process.

From what I have read, the B-21 first flight should be sometime early next year, I may be incorrect about this . I am sure there is no real definite time for the first flight. The article I provided is a good read and I felt that I should include it here since it will be tested out at Edwards and Possible , most likely, Groom. If any of the other Aviation and base experts out there want to chime in, please do. Enjoy!

Attached link: B-21 Comes Out Of the Black


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