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While looking for what GAF337 might be doing I stumbled across a tweet from July 20th by @Team_Luftwaffe (official German Air Force Twitter account) on what the Typhoon and Tornado were doing recently:

Seems like the exercise was called "Dynamic Duo 2021" and indeed focused on EloKa (Elektronische Kampfführung = electronic warfare).

Quick summary of article from Bundeswehr website as linked below:

DD21 ran from 06. to 16.07.2021
3 Typhoon from TLG 74
3 Tornado from TLG 71
2 Learjet from GFD
total of 300 soldiers involved
hosted by USAF at Creech AFB

Also has some nice pictures if you scroll down. Tail codes visible:

Typhoon: 30+75, ??, ??
Tornados: 46+52, 46+57, ??
Learjet: D-CGFD, D-CGFF

In picture 02 of 12, there is some really fat pod visible between the two planes - or is this an extra tank? Picture 06 also shows another pod on the port side of D-CGFF and a strange "red glow" on the starboard side which to me seems to be too low to be from the engine on that side.

The top of the page also shows the mission patch which features the following acronyms (clockwise from nine o'clock):

GFD: Gesellschaft für Flugzieldarstellung - learjet operator
LwTrKdo: Luftwaffen Truppenkommado - corps level commando of GAF
TaktLwG 51: TLG 51
iABG: Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH - German analysis and test engineering company, see
FüUStg: Führungsunterstützung
CLEO or GLEO: ???
ZEK or ZEX: ???
TaktLwG 74: TLG 74

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