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54+05 started two days ago from Wunstorf AFB near Hannover, which is the home of LTG 62 (Lufttransportgeschwader = Air Transport Wing) and made a stop at Bangor ME. Did what could be a "check-up" flight two days before departure (on 20/07/21) with landing at Constanta/Romania and at Wittmundhafen AFB, which is home of TLG 71 but also some private A-4 Skyhawk for air combat training by Canadian company "Top Aces", which just got their contract extended to 2027.

Was in Europe for all of July until departure for the US, therefore not involved with the German planes discussed here about 2 weeks ago.

Still wonder if it is there to "carry" the fighters back home in a tanker role? Were they seen/heard again after July 8th which I think was the last audio from Jörg? However, the Tornado/Typhoon involved were said to be from TLG 51 and 74.

Alternative explanation: first drops of paratroopers from Luftlandebrigade 1 (1st Airborne Brigade) reported for March 2021 with full "automated" jumps of up to 106 soldiers announced for "summer of 2021". Maybe this is better done in a place with more space than at home - Keno airfield anybody?

Link to German Armed Forces website feature which also presents video of a jump is attached but does not allow identification of the plane.

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