Funny callsigns Vol. X

Message posted by FromAcrossTheOcean (Member since 04/21/2021) on July 23, 2021 at 2:43:56 PST:

KC135R 57-1488 hex AE041F with callsign ESSO75 out of Geilenkirchen AFB currently flying loops over northwest Germany.

What's next - EXXON61 or CHEVRON49?

On a more serious side, there is also an interesting not fully identified plane with callsign RAPTOR hex 3FBA31 circling near the border to Denmark at the moment.

Could it be this is indeed a F22? The Luftwaffe needs a replacement for their Tornados in the "nuclear sharing role" but this would be more a job for the F35, right, which is said to be updated for nuclear weapons carriage from 2024 on in block 4B.


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