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Is that your opinion or offical US government policy these days (seriously asking out of interest)?

An ICBM has a total flight phase of approx. 30 min until doom, so once released it will not matter much what happens to an individual missile, while the B-2 range is given by Wikipedia as 6900 miles with a cruise speed of 560 mph, thus approx. 12 hrs in the air un-refueld and possibly only limited by crew fatigue when repeatedly refueled mid-air.

A lot of things can go wrong during such a long time and it does not need a James Bond-like scenario for an unpiloted plane to go out of control, keep in mind the RQ-170 lost in Iran.

Would anybody seriously allow this for a plane carrying nuclear weapons?

In this light, one would argue that the requirement for a manned option is mostly due to that nuclear role.

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