Little known Lockheed aircraft/concept

Message posted by RcTeller (Member since 01/08/2004) on July 09, 2021 at 5:45:51 PST:

A recent video post by CNet featured what I can only assume is a model display near the entrance to the Skunk Works, currently located in Palmdale. It featured a design that looked unfamiliar to me in concept drawing or known hardware. It was also significant in that it was clearly featured with other known aircraft such as the XF-90, Have Blue, and the F-117. To me that suggests that it was/is perhaps more than just a concept.

The light grey single seat aircraft can be seen at 3:50 into the video, and almost seems like a smoothed out F-117 with a conventional plan form.

Does this look familiar to anyone here?


Attached link: CNet video on YouTube


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