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Found this additional info:

"GFD - Gesellschaft für Flugzieldarstellung mbH

in Service: 1966 - present
Homebase: Hohn Airbase (Germany)
used Aircraft: 1966-1974 F-86 Sabre
1974-1992 G-91
1989-present Learjet 35/36

In 1966, the airline CONDOR was contracted to fly F-86 Sabre for the air defense training of the german armed forces. In 1989, the GFD, a subsidiary of CONDOR and Aero Service Nuremberg was established, coinciding with conversion to the Learjet 35/36. The main task carried out by GFD is what is known as medium-speed target towing. All Learjets have been modified for target towing by strengthening the windscreens and extending the external wing tip fuel tanks by approx 3.3ft.
The range of tasks includes land and seaborne air defense with guns and guided missiles.Various types of towed targets are available depending on the mission required. The target is being towed on a rope between 3 and 6,5 kilometers behind the aircraft. Another task is Live-EloKa-training (electronic warfare). For this, the aircraft are carrying decoy pods to jam the air defence radar systems. For fighter controller training or to support air defence exercises the aircraft are simulating aerial targets of all kinds."

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