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Upon closer examination of the flight data it looks like N654BA is the only King Air staying at TTR. In June between one and four (most of the time two) King Air Janets stayed at Area 51 at any given night (see below). They sometimes stayed for two weeks or more. Perhaps for maintenance or upgrades? As previously mentioned, the Vegas Janet terminal only has parking spots for four King Airs.

King Air Janets at Area 51:

05/18-06/03 N20RA
06/03-06/04 N662BA
06/04-06/14 N623RA
06/14-06/24 N989RR
06/23-? N662BA (via TTR)


05/14-06/10 N661BA
06/10-06/11 N20RA
06/11-06/21 N661BA
06/21-06/23 N20RA
06/23-06/28 N623RA
06/28-06/30 N989RR
06/30-? N20RA


06/21-06/25 N910CB


06/22-06/23 N661BA

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