Message posted by Firefly (Member since 02/26/2020) on July 01, 2021 at 22:22:51 PST:

I'd like to thank everyone on here who provided suggestions (to others over the years) for handheld scanners. I recently picked up a BC125AT (upgraded the antenna, too) - I'm having so much fun sitting on my back porch, listening. I live in Beaumont, CA (about 25 miles west of Palm Springs; from here, I'm picking up LAX, San Diego Intl, LAPD, Lancaster dispatch (!), Ventura dispatch (!!) - I can't wait to get out in the open, in the desert & hear what's going on out there.

Y'all may have created a monster - I'm looking at bigger desktop/car radios now, much to my wife's chagrin :D


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