Tom Mahood's theory on Bob Lazar

Message posted by Peter (Member since 05/25/2011) on June 23, 2021 at 18:56:59 PST:

In 2018 Tom Mahood put forth a theory of Bob Lazar's tall tale that sounded quite reasonable to me. He apparently had some inside information to back up his thesis. It goes basically like this:

1. Sometime in late 1988 Lazar got a job at Area 51. He found out that on Wednesday nights there were tests of proton accelerators which would create glowing orbs in the skies that looked like your stereotypical UFO's.

2. On April 5, 1989, Lazar brought some of his buddies to the base gate to see these tests. Being a practical joker of sorts, he didn't tell them they were seeing the effects of a proton accelerator, but rather that they would be seeing an actual captured UFO. Base security busted the gathering.

3. When hauled before base authorities the next day, Lazar knew he'd be in a world of trouble if he admitted that he'd brought his friends to see a test of the highly classified proton accelerator. To save himself, he played dumb and said that there were UFO's at the base and that's what he brought the group to see. The authorities let him go.

4. Normally, any statute of limitations would have long since expired and Lazar could talk freely about what actually happened. Because the proton accelerator experiments violated a weapons treaty that is still in effect, they remain classified to this day, and Lazar could still be prosecuted for what happened in 1989. He therefore has no choice but to stick with the UFO story, though no doubt that's worked out far better for him.

To me, most of this sounds quite plausible, especially given Tom Mahood's inside information. The one thing that troubles me, however, is how Lazar would have known about the proton accelerator experiements given compartmentalization and the the fact that his security clearance hadn't yet been finalized.


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