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According to my best guess tomorrow should be the semi-annual JFEX exercise at the Keno air strip, near the TTR Cedar Gate. It is a pretty spectacular display of 30 or more C-130 and C-17 doing air drops and often landings on the dirt strip. Lots of flares, smokey SAMs etc. The attached link has some photos from the time when it was still called MAFEX.

JFEX is part of WSINT (Nellis Weapons School graduation). It used to always be on the last Saturday of WSINT. However, the timing of WSINT has changed, which may affect the date of JFEX. Also, the last few exercises were night missions, often around midnight.

Anyone planning on going up there? You can watch the action from anywhere around the Cedar Pipeline Ranch. The best view spot is the hill where the attached photos were taken (37 48.425'N / 116 14.903'W). Be warned, access requires 4WD and the road is pretty rough. You can park where the road dead-ends at the TTR fence and hike up the hill.

Attached link: MAFEX Fall 2010 (11/17/2010)


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