Message posted by William (Member since 05/27/2021) on May 27, 2021 at 9:39:49 PST:

Greetings, I noticed the next JEFX is posted as June 12th, yet that is still unconfirmed. Has anyone heard anything that might solidify that date? Silly me... I called Nellis Public Affairs in hopes that they would tell me. Unfortunately, as expected, I got nothing. They wouldn’t even tell me when Weapons School would finish. I figured if they shared the end date or even the graduation date, then I could work backwards to the JFEX Saturday. I can’t even find any NOTAMS for large force exercises or even noise advisory that might hint when JFEX is. I think I read that WISNT flying started on the 17th. Does anyone have any solid information on how long it will last or an end date? Thanks.


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