Re: F-117 at TTR last night.

Message posted by Peter Merlin (Member since 11/13/2003) on May 24, 2021 at 7:37:51 PST:

Some observers have expressed the opinion that the F-117A might be serving a role similar to that of the A-7 when the 4450th Tactical Group was based at TTR during the 1980s. At the time the A-7 was supposedly being used for classified avionics testing. In actuality the A-7 flight operations provided cover for the F-117A flight operations. FAA air traffic controllers were briefed that single and multi-ship nighttime sorties out of TTR were A-7s, but the missions (using such call signs as ARIEL and BURNR) were really F-117A Nighthawks equipped with radar reflectors. The A-7 could be flown day or night, providing pilots with a platform for proficiency flying to maintain the required number of flight hours per month. Additionally, the A-7s were pressed into service in support of other test and training opportunities on the Nevada Ranges and elsewhere. One example was the use of 4450th TG A-7s to chase cruise missiles tests.

Now, we have the Dark Knights, a mysterious squadron that has been operating from TTR since well before the "retired" Nighthawks started appearing in the skies over Nevada and California. Pilots have flown their F-117As (painted with Dark Knights markings) at low altitude in areas known to be frequented by aviation photographers. Nighthawks have also, very visibly, participated as "Red Air" opposition forces for air combat training. No doubt these aircraft are providing a very real and valuable service, but perhaps they are also providing a useful distraction.

I have no knowledge one way or the other. My gut tells me there is more to the story.

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