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Message posted by jklier (Member since 07/22/2001) on May 20, 2021 at 7:34:09 PST:

I've never had an opportunity to fly a A380 or even a 747. All my overseas trips have been on the smaller wide-bodies. At the rate both those types are being mothballed it will likely never happen. 2 years ago we had just started getting direct British Airways flights to London from here in Austin Texas. During the summer they were flying 747's which we had never had at our airport except for an occasional cargo flight. I was really hoping my next trip to London would be on one of their 747's before they retired. COVID squashed that hope when those direct flights evaporated. On my last trip to London in 2018 I stayed over in Westminster right below the flight path to/from Heathrow. There was a constant stream of A380's and 747's. Unfortunately I think that's going to be in the past now with those larger birds going away.

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