Re: 40th anniversary of F-117 first flight

Message posted by casper_n (Member since 01/24/2011) on May 19, 2021 at 15:51:30 PST:

I was at the Edwards AFB Open House in 93 or 94 and it was the first airshow appearance of the B2. They flew in a three-ship "escort" of F-117s and then had the Spirit follow them in. A moment I'll never forget.

They flew a 117 up to the Van Nuys airshow that year, too. It was a static only show, but the Nighthawk arrived late and actually flew in. Being a static show, the runway was still open for regular traffic, so I remember hearing on the scanner a Cessna pilot coming off his downwind leg being told to watch for traffic. The pilot replied like a giddy little kid, "Traffic in sight. Holy S***, it's the Stealth!"

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