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Mark, welcome to the DLR discussion forum. J already provided info on Star Wars Canyon and alternate view spots in the Death Valley/Panamint area.

The best place for aircraft spotting at Nellis is along LV Blvd by the speedway gates, north of Nellis. Unless winds dictate otherwise Red Flag aircraft typically take off to the north and recover from the north. During Red Flag you will see many fellow spotters parked along the road. Park on the speedway side, not on the Nellis AFB side and please don't block the speedway gates.

The next Red Flag is scheduled for 7/19-8/6/2021. There are usually two sorties each day Mo-Fri. One around noon, recovering around 3pm and one at night, starting around 8pm, recovering around midnight.

Also the weapons school graduation phase (WSINT) with increased flying is expected to start this coming Monday. All dates are listed in our "News and Events" section.

Having a radio scanner with the Nellis ground and approach/departure frequencies (see our "Radio Scanner" section) is very useful to know what is about to launch. You will need a scanner that covers the military air band from 225-400MHz.

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