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If you scroll back on ADS-B Exchange, the plane came from Wichita, KS which - surprise, surprise - calls itself "The Air Capital of the World". If you scroll around KICT on Google earth, some interesting companies there, e.g.

- Burnham Composite Structures Inc. just look at their homepage "cover picture"
- Textron Aviation
- Triumph Group
- and quite a bit more

Inbetween, the plane was at KMBS Freeland MN. Not sure what it did there beyond flying some circles, as there is literally nothing around that airport on Google earth beyond a few hangars. Maybe a quiet place for some modifications or just a longer test flight? But there is a hangar for Dow Chemical which has its headquarters nearby in Midland, calls itself the "Materials Science Company".

Hm, mabye testing some new structures or materials for something else new?

Another strange thing is when you type in the registration C-GLBG it is sometimes shown as a CanJet 737-8K5 - was that an older use of the reg. no. which then got "recycled"?

Also pictures of the current Bombardier look like it's been "stitched together" from different parts that appear in different colors on the different pictures. Could that indeed be interpreted as a "materials testbed"?

See for example:


And anybody any ideas what's the blue structure on the left engine here:

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