SALSA13 EC-130H on visit to Europe

Message posted by FromAcrossTheOcean (Member since 04/21/2021) on May 05, 2021 at 15:08:08 PST:

SALSA13 EC-130H 73-1588 AE1279 is on visit to Europe and cycling over Bulgaria tonight out of Constanta Romania. Came a few days before via Ramstein, UK, Azores, St. John, Pittsburgh from Tucson in a trip that took it almost two weeks. Normally flies there NW and E/NE but the follwoing days caught my eye:
19-01-21 did some cycling almost exactly over AF Plant 42 as ZAPER01, same on 01-01-20 as TOXIC29 and 25-08-20 as BATT22, all 3 times only did 3000 ft pass over runway but did not land (height is always above ground, right)?
26-10-20 at Vandenberg with landing
15-10-20 flight along east edge of NTTR as ZAPER69

What are they doing there - calibrating themself or checking out some ground systems? Is the range of their systems known? I'm wondering if they are more interested in Turkey, which the current flight carefully avoids or more the usual suspect at northeast?


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