Re: Busy night also overseas

Message posted by Night Stalker (Member since 05/22/2020) on April 28, 2021 at 14:00:52 PST:

NATO31 - odd mission for that tonight, up to Glasgow for a low approach, possibly touch and go, then back to Waddington.

GOLD73 - came out from Mildenhall to meet up with GOLD72 dragging some USMC F-35s. There was another group the other day, here to join up with some carriers. 73 flew close by me, too cloudy to see it though.

The Typhoons will be out from Coningsby for some night flying. That particular area is busy for both RAF and USAF aircraft day and night.

There are a number of danger areas up over the North Sea.

LAGER seems to be a new callsign for tankers lately instead of QUID / QID.

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