YF-24... 25 years later

Message posted by Q-nimbus (Member since 08/20/2020) on April 22, 2021 at 15:25:18 PST:

So, here we are, almost 2 decades after colonel Lanni's bio was posted online, and 25 years after the YF-24 was first flown. I'm surprised that after all this time we still don't know anything... or do we?

With regards to Col. Lanni's previous assignments at the 6513th Test Squadron and the 413th Flight Test Squadron, a logical career step for Col. Lanni during his 1995-1997 assignment to a ‘Classified Flight Test Squadron’ would be Detachment 3 of the 53d Test Evaluation Group, who’s unofficial name is , according to Steve Davies, the Red Eagles.

If that's the case, given the time frame the YF-24 could be the Su-22 Fitter, Su-27 Flanker or the MiG-29 Fulcrum, either from East Germany, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine or a FME program we don't know about.

But that's the problem: we don't know.

Are there perhaps any new insights or developments regarding this mysterious designation?


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