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Message posted by mr. burns (Member since 03/31/2021) on April 17, 2021 at 6:01:08 PST:

Your post is thoughtful.

The accessibility of proprietary, restricted, sensitive, controlled unclassified, and for official use only information from loose lips and open sources has given some people the ability to compile their experiences, observations, imaginations, and the attained information; and eloquently post facts, figures, predictions, conjectures, or even limericks, riddles, and jokes in a manner to convey that they are read-in to the acknowledged, unacknowledged, or waived. So your concern for security is understandable.

But it should take you much more than some people providing a few hyperlinks to defense articles over the years, using uncommon aeronautical jargon in their discussion, and attempting to conjure your curiosity of their activities below the 38th, to make you worried about anything. Give someone a day to read everything on this website, for example, that person could pass him/her/themselves off as an insider (at least for a few minutes). But don't believe the illusions. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the online exchanges. I'm sure the appropriate organization or directorate appreciates your concern, my friend.

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