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Message posted by Q-nimbus (Member since 08/20/2020) on April 16, 2021 at 0:32:58 PST:

Concerns like this pop up regularly on different websites. I reckon it comes from something that is even more dangerous than leaking sensitive information: underestimating your enemies.

Foreign agencies donít roam internet forums to spy on adversaries. They have much, much more sophisticated ways of spying. And as such they know much, much more than we do.

The reason for them to invest so much into spying is simple: because the USA are technologically so much more advanced, they need to know whatís coming at them to prepare.

If we can find out things just by browsing the internet, just imagine what you can do with almost unlimited technical resources, and even better: HUMINT.

Especially the Chinese are really good at spying, are technologically very advanced and just like the Mossad, have a lot of people who they can use as agents (knowingly or unknowingly, voluntarily or not). The same applies for the Russians by the way, although less than the Chinese. But itís not only them who are spying on the USA; everybody is spying on everybody, including allies.

If there are any black developmental projects out there, they know about it. If there are any operational black projects, they definitely know about it. For example, if the RQ-180 is out there, by now they will know itís dimensions, where itís based, who operates it, how many were built, have a very good idea of itís capabilities, and quite probably have a (maybe crude) general radar profile of it.

Why donít the USAís adversaries never talk about the black projects they found out about, I hear you asking. Simple enough: they donít want the USA to know that they know, but most importantly, they donít want the USA to find out HOW they know.

Thatís what always strikes me as odd with the extreme secrecy surrounding a lot of American projects, and the long time it takes for them to declassify them: the only people they are keeping it secret from are their own US citizens.

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