Re: Just where did PEA (Penetrating Electronic Attack) vanish to?

Message posted by Smythers (Member since 01/10/2010) on April 08, 2021 at 8:01:18 PST:

White isn't paint. It is the construction of the materials. It is a whole new way to thermally manage your aerospace vehicle.

The skins are capable of ridiculously high levels of energy transference / rapid cooling and negates the need for using fuel as a heat sink (or other such things) which are detrimental to your endurance. 9What happens when your craft runs low on fuel? What do you do with all that heat now?)

Before you go to the 'Ah! But IR footprint would be massive then if it radiates-' and that is where I shall stop you and suggest you go start looking for the beginnings of all of this inside the pages of university papers. Then you will find that energy in,, doesn't actually need to be dumped out. It can be harvested and utilized.

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