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Nothing Top Secret Here! On 11/17/2020 I was onboard the Pacific Tracker for FTM-44 codenamed Stellar Lancer working as one of the cooks. These ships have a civilian crew of approx. 40 (Merchant Mariners) and 15-20 MDA (Missile Defense Agency) techs. No military onboard. We were stationed between Honolulu & San Diego and on station for about two weeks. We had no idea of the scope of the mission other than another missile test. The Pacific Tracker and Pacific Collector sit in Portland, Or. between missions with a skeleton crew of about 12 and a couple MDA guys. Word on the street is we are crewing up mid May. We do a 10 day activation at the dock, drills, loading stores etc then head out to sea. A week or so to get on station, a few days of testing so maybe mid April for another test? There are no security clearances for the crew other than our usual screening for our Merchant Mariner Credential so any info I type here is basically public knowledge. The videos show a bit about life onboard and a look inside the domes.

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