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Message posted by Smythers (Member since 01/10/2010) on March 25, 2021 at 13:27:40 PST:

So to answer then - Will the 'White world USN' ever get told what these are? No.

Why not? Because they frankly do not need to know. They just need to revise their SOP to deal with an advanced threat - as well as getting their crews used to reacting to things outside of their comfort zone.

Just like the Tickler, these drones are going round the world in armored trunks, dropped by stealth helos out the back or parachuted in and then set to work. One major clue is the disruptive use of lights to disorientate an enemy. This isn't a casual happenstance - Guam's defenses were utterly bewildered by a sophisticated 'shoot and scoot' approach where the probing force were using drones that snapped from brightly lit to nothing and back which reportedly had the defenders totally at the mercy of the drones.

Know who else uses this effect to achieve dominance on the battlefield? Misfits with big biceps and smart brains, and even seeing them do this when you are expecting them in a test is bewildering. In real life? Dominance is achieved in seconds. As Guam proved.

But you know what happened to Guam's defenses? They got smart, they got prepped, they upped their game and now when faced with this threat again they will know what to do.

Job done.

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