Re: N378AF over Groom Lake (aka N378AX)

Message posted by Duke (Member since 08/27/2019) on March 24, 2021 at 15:33:16 PST:

Wilmington Airpark is only a few miles from the rod and gun club I belong to. It's the former Clinton County Air Force Base, a SAC base. I remember seeing KC-97s, F-101s, and C-119s flying out of there as a kid. There are a number of different a/c leasing and maintenance businesses there, it's also a hub for Amazon Prime and a storage base for Delta airlines idled by COVID. If anyone's interested, next time I go to the range I can take some photos.

Under what circumstances can/does an FAA registered aircraft change it registration number? Doesn't make sense it was done here for subterfuge since it's a leased aircraft owned by a commercial company. I'm sure there are both FAA and ICAO regs relative to registration changes.

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