Re: High altitude reservation Saturday evening

Message posted by Gabe on March 12, 2021 at 22:37:13 PST:

ALTRVs are treated as any other piece of SUA. The basic principal being, you arenít separating the aircraft participating, youíre separating non-participating aircraft from the block of airspace (by staying 3nm/1000ft etc from the limits of the airspace, youíre guaranteeing that youíre that distance from participant aircraft). I wouldnít be surprised if whatever is operating in the ALTRV never talks to ATC or uses a transponder, thereís really no need for it, just activate the airspace by phone and call it a day. Thatís just ALTRVs in general though, there used all over the place (eg for large scale missions to move aircraft off a carrier to restricted areas, to move mass amounts of participants from a base to a restricted area, etc). Could even be to coordinate a boat mission for Red Flag. That being said, 450-600 would be exceptionally high for a large boat mission.

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