Crazy musings on shiny airplanes

Message posted by Smythers on March 10, 2021 at 15:57:16 PST:

Just a thought about shiny airplanes and lasers. As you do, over a touch of dinner and a Gin.

See, if I were in the running for a high-tech, high speed (laser comms) airframe to airframe system? I'd want to know how my system coped with the worst possible atmospheric attributes possible. I would then make my airframes shiny bright and metallic. Why? Because it would allow me to test my jitter accuracy as well as my software for obtaining and keeping locked onto a target that is far away and in direct sunlight. You know, those conditions met over most of the globe when at any altitude above clouds...

Just a musing as I ponder some images. Thats my take. These are laser comms high speed data testbeds for an unmanned system on the boards.

*I can say that although these are all things established in satellite to LARGE airframes / and Sat to Subs - small, fast and wildly agile craft are another thing entirely.


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