Re: Article about secret aircraft being retired

Message posted by Night Stalker on January 09, 2021 at 14:01:48 PST:

On a similar note, i'm trying to find a report and article on this website from about twenty years ago.

There was a report of a sighting of, what I think was called, F-117 Supersize. I've done a couple searches, which brought up some forum posts, but no link to the article about the sighting.

If I recall, it was quite detailed, and may have had a drawing. It was similar to the supposed Flying Artichoke with a more jagged trailing edge.

It was spotted by Joerg and a film crew I think.

It's not under the black projects sightings page either.

Joerg - you got a link to it? It would tie in with talk of a 20+ year old project still black.

I've even had a trawl through the forum archive but to no avail - I've possibly missed it.

Some interesting posts by a one-time member Wolfbane along with Anon. E. Moose.

One also wonders if any of these graced the apron at Groom.

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