Re: Article about secret aircraft being retired

Message posted by Sundog on January 06, 2021 at 14:07:32 PST:

I think it's the same aircraft that crashed at Boscombe Downe. I think it's ASTRA, which I think was the Tacit Blue follow on program. I'm of the opinion that it may have been supersonic, but the shape is more for stealth than speed. I think it used daylight stealth by using using three lights on the bottom to adjust it's luminosity to match the light at whatever altitude it was flying. I think it had supersonic dash capability simply to avoid any enemy air traffic it thought was maybe getting too close. That was one of the problems with TACIT BLUE. It was stealthy, but couldn't out run a human eyeball. I'm doing some layouts to see if with the wings folded if it would fit within a C-5C. Or maybe they were easily detachable for moving within any C-5. But that's my musing about this program.

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