Re: New check point at the Area 51 Back Gate

Message posted by Peter on January 05, 2021 at 22:36:45 PST:

Wonder what's up.
Somehow I doubt the base authorities are concerned about intruders breaking through the Back Gate. as they'd still be far from any view of the base and certainly would be intercepted before they got far.
This is a longshot to be sure, but maybe the intention is for the back gate to become the main road entrance to the base instead of Gate 700. It's a longshot because the Back Gate's so remote. The gate is also plainly visible from public land, so there's no way to conceal what trucks are going to Area 51.
Finally, I suppose there could be some new, highly sensitive construction in the Back Gate area, but IINM Gabe's photos showed nothing of that sort.

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