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Message posted by Murdoch on October 13, 2019 at 9:11:00 PST:

Bob Lazar - UFO mechanic? Absolutely not!
Bob Lazar - Idiot savant? Possibly.

Lazar is as full of crap as a Christmas goose. He is cunning, but not very consistent in sticking to his so called story.

One of my favorite Lazar claims is when he stated John Lear, Gene Huff and himself crossed the boundary at the Groom facility to observe "UFO's" one night. The three started conversing about storming the base when they noticed a green light from a sniper rifle drop to the ground and there were guards 6 feet away from them. Being as how he was "working there" at the time he ran away and hid while Huff & Lear were detained by EG&G forces. Although the "forces" had sniper rifles with night vision scopes and knew there were three trespassers, they weren't able to see Lazar running away! He was eventually detained by the Sheriff's Dept and the base was notified of who the third party was which is what lead to his termination..

^ is very important as an earlier claim of his was he was terminated for emotional issues after the Feds overheard his wife telling her mother she had cheated on The Bob which would lead to divorce. He was told to reapply 6-9 months later. Obviously, there is a major flaw in his story here.

Lazar claimed to have stolen some Element 115 and smuggled it out of the base. I find this highly suspect as his claims about the extreme compartmentalization should negate this.

Oddly, he seemed to somehow smuggle out papers with the test-flight schedule times on it which they would go out and watch the UFO's fly from the information provided via the stolen documents. That is some extreme compartmentalization! Viewing all 9 "saucers" at one time due to open hanger doors..smuggling out some 115..flight schedules! LoL. No way! He also sure seems to do a lot of thieving which is of course, a sure sign of an honest person..

When pressured with an important or lengthy interview, count on his bodyguard/cover man Huff being there to bail The Bob out of being cornered with a tough question or a call on his bluffs. This is one of the few things I found to be consistent with his story is Huff doing this.

Let us not forget about him pleading guilty to pandering as well. He certainly has the face and look of an honest, straight shooter..Ha!

I'd add more, but the mere fact of recalling what I have so far about this idiot is giving me a headache.

In Reply to: Re: BOB LAZAR posted by EngineerGuY on October 10, 2019 at 10:34:20 PST:


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