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Message posted by Tom on May 09, 2019 at 18:16:22 PST:

As an airport manager I read these NOTAMs a little differently. So, for the fun of it, here’s what I see to perhaps guide speculation.

Taxiway F NOTAM - doesn’t tell me anything definitive

Runway 14 threshold displaced 3,150 feet - there are two operational clearance surfaces normally used to determine a displacement; 20:1 and 34:1. On an instrument runway, I believe the 34:1 would be appropriate for a displacement. And the 34:1 begins 200 feet before the threshold. So, subtract 200 from the displacement of 3,150 and you get 2,950. Divide this by 34 any you find this displacement would clear an 86.7 foot tall obstacle at the runway end. That’s very tall for a runway extension...dump trucks, track hoes, paving equipment is not this tall. Perhaps they are removing and replacing the approach lights. Still too tall/too much displacement. But what if they are working on something like replacing the arresting gear? The arresting gear appears to be 1,500 feet from runway end. Take our displacement of 3,150, subtract 200, subtract 1,500 and the arresting gear is 1,450 feet from the displaced threshold. Divide by 34 and you get a max equipment height of 42.6 feet. Maybe.

Rwy 14 approach lights not available - when you displace the threshold, you must turn off the approach lights as they are guiding you to the end of a runway that isn’t there anymore.

Rwy 14 BAK 14 unserviceable - it’s in the closed portion of runway, so it can’t be used.. but the description as “unserviceable” is interesting. I would have expected OTS for out of service. Might mean something, might not.

Rwy 14 MAAS installed - makes sense that they want arresting gear during this time, so they brought in a temporary set.

My last comment as to extending the runway...I would be VERY impressed if they could do any extension during this “short” closure time...I dream of having a construction contractor that fast!

Please take my information and comments as another fun piece to the puzzle. Some of you probably know lots better than I about displacements and such.

Is there an ILS to 14? If so there should be a notam suspending it. Also if there is a visual approach lighting system (PAPI or VASI) it should he NOTAMed.

Have fun!

In Reply to: Tonapah Test Range Construction posted by Gregos on May 09, 2019 at 12:01:18 PST:


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