Re: OT: Disaster in Lincoln County

Message posted by Roadeye on August 25, 2008 at 10:13:39 PST:

You have an extraordinarily beautiful valley there.
And there is no way any politician, land speculator, developer or fat business tycoon should economically or politically survive any effort to destroy it with the likes of a private 2000 inmate penitentiary.
Do what you have to do to promise the bastards that they will all be out of whatever position they hold should they proceed with it.
Shame them out of it by whatever means neccessary.

For what it's have my whole hearted support for this fight.

Post whatever websites or addresses you can find of any developer, politician, lawyer, etc...anybody who stands to profit from this in well as the names of any business or venture they may be involved in elsewhere.
Tell them that if they insist on spoiling your valley that many many people all over the world will take an interest in spoiling their ways of making money.

Count me in... I will be glad to support your cause anyway I can from up here in Canada.


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