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Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on August 17, 2008 at 15:06:42 PST:

Thank you for bringing this up, Pete. As you know, I respect you as a friend and as an authority when it comes to Area 51 and Black Projects, and I take your concerns very serious. It seems that there has been some confusion, and I hope that with this post I can straighten things out.

When I started DLR about 9 years ago, I knew very little about the cost and effort involved in keeping a site like DLR up and running. As the site grew, requiring more bandwidth, server space and time to maintain, I started trying to figure out a way to have the site at least pay for itself. So far, I have failed to find a way, and it does not seem very likely that this is going to change any time soon. Each month, running DLR is costing me money out of my own pocket. The only return I got out of this is a fairly high-volume web site. Seeing others, and I don't mean Glenn Campbell by that, trying to take advantage of this by advertising their goods and services in our forum for free, does not seem fair. Not to me, and not to our readers, who helped DLR become the largest Area 51 web site.

Therefore I have an agreement with Hank that we will not allow advertisement in the forum. In the case of Glenns new site, I see now that our initial reaction was unfounded. I was under the wrong impression that it was mainly advertising his tours. I have no problem with other Area 51 research sites being discussed here, and I am glad to see that Glenn is back. As far as his tours are concerned, I hope he won't run into the same problems as I did when I tried this years ago. There is a certain tour company here in town that keeps the old Mafia tradition in Vegas very much alive...

Anyway, I hope that with this, we can put this unfortunate misunderstanding to rest and move on to more fun things. I respect the Interceptors, and I am glad to see that "Psychospy" is back. Having another critical set of eyes on our favorite secret base can only be a good thing.

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