FAQ: Are there UFOs at Area 51?

Are there UFOs at Area 51?

No. Due to the remoteness of Area 51 it is virtually impossible to tell what exactly goes on there. As a result people came up with all sorts of conspiracy theories and UFO stories over the years. In the late 1980's a man named Bob Lazar claimed to have worked on UFOs near Area 51, at a site he called "S-4". For a while, this brought a wave of UFO enthusiasts out to the area, and in 1996 the nearby Highway 375 was even dubbed officially the Extraterrestrial Highway in an attempt to draw more tourists to the area.

In reality, anyone who spends some time investigating Area 51 will quickly understand that what goes on there is very earthly in origin and has nothing to do with "ET". It becomes apparent that the abundant UFO folklore is nothing but a welcome smokescreen, a distraction from the real purpose of the base, reseaech and development of all sorts of Black Projects. It creates a perfect cover for the operation at Groom Lake and automatically discredits anyone who may have accidentally witnessed a test flight of a Black Project by exposing them to ridicule and being dismissed as a "UFO nut".

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