The Background of the Boscombe Down Aircraft

This page will change and update as soon as i find more time to research the certain aircraft that may interest some of you.

Starting with some of the aircraft involved with the Boscombe Down Incident

GulfStream IV (C-20) N604M

This aircraft has been seen in the UK specifically at Luton airport many times over the last several years. It makes VERY frequent visits to Luton and several other airports around Europe Each Month.
Luton has played host to N604M a large number of times in 1999.
N604M's most significant appearance in the UK was at RAF Boscombe Down right after the 1994 incident(see Boscombe Article)
It was also seen in that time period to visit Exeter airport(14 miles from me) under extreme security like it was at Boscombe Down
another recorded visit outside of Luton was Southampton airport...This visit to southampton after the 'incident' could be because the fact that Northrop Grumman have the UK HQ based at southampton...very significant to the Boscombe Down Report.
I have a few loggings made from May this year(1999)
On May 14th 1999 N604M Made a usual visit to Luton airport North of London.
It arrived at 08:56 and left at 10:30 the same morning, where to i'm not sure.
May 19th, N604M came to Luton again and landed at 08:45 but stayed until the 22nd of May at 22:05pm Quite a long time period for it to stay.
Why it lands at Luton so frequent we are not sure, but it maybe to do with RAF Chicksands and RAF Molesworth being so close, aswell as RAF Alconbury. Each base mentioned are serious intelligence bases with molesworth being a direct video downlink from the U-2 and Satellites. Alconbury being an 'ex' U-2 and TR-1A Base and Chicksands is a former USAF Intelligence base that onced had the famous 'elephant cage' antennas. It is now used by GCHQ and the MI5 aswell as the CIA.
Anyone near Luton Airport should really take note of this aircraft's Number and report to me if you can with your findings such as date it arrived and left, times, who was on board and how many people..ect etc..
N604M's other details i have found from research are these. And this is very interesting considering the surroundings of N604M's appearances at various Airfields.
The plane is Owned by:  J P Morgan Services Inc. Located in Wilmington, Delaware.
It was built in 1987
Serial number : 1132
Registration date was a weird one....26th September 1994. ...The  EXACT   Date of the Boscombe Down Incident!?!? Strange and what a mighty co-incidence that those dates tie up..very odd!
So who exactly uses this aircraft frequently? We know it appeared at Southampton possibly to visit the Northrop HQ and maybe the university aswell.
We also know it went to Geneva, where i think the european Northrop HQ is near.
Also it has been seen landing and taking off from Farmingdale, NY quite frequently, where Northrops Avionics and Electrical systems facility is located. So we do know Northrop uses this, but why Exeter airport? why are the people inside under supreme security after the incident? Something i have yet to find and will take a long time to research probably as most of the airports involved will not talk about N604M.

C-5C Galaxy

Two C-5C Galaxies are used at Plant 42 and Edwards AFB for special loads and have clearance to land at Groom Lake.
Serial numbered by 68-0213 and 68-0216 i could only find a background on the 68-0216.
68-0216 was approaching Travis AFB(its original homeplate) when it's undercarriage would not extend.
The result was the C-5 had to Belly Land on the runway causing severe damage to the underneath fuselage.
This happened in 1984 and after the accident, NASA grabbed 68-0216 and repaired it to flying status.
During the repairs, NASA completely modified the interior of the Cargo hold to carry Booster Rockets for the Shuttle program.
Later is it believed that both 0216 and 0213 were modified further to carry an 'unknown' cargo to and from certain bases.
One of these C-5C's was at Boscombe Down the night after the crash to pick up the aircraft and take it back to Palmdale.


Another aircraft seen after the incident at Boscombe down, also seen at Exeter Airport along with the Gulfstream was the EC-137D serial number 67-19417.  This number is remarkable in the fact that the aircraft uses this number as a serial and the construction number at the same time, the only USAF aircraft to do so.
Before it was in service with the USAF or Government! I found out these details.
It was a Civil airliner and Numbered N707HL (c/n 19417) and the Government bought the aircraft from civil use in 1992.
I've recently done more research on this aircraft and found out it 'belongs' to the General in Charge of Special Operations Command.
So was he an overall 'commander' of the sortie and testing of the incident aircraft? or was his plane used by the USAF, CIA or other 'experts' in the field of Secret Black Project's?

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