Aerial Photo of Papoose Lake with Area 51 in the Background, Nov 24, 2019

Aerial photo of Papoose Lake and the Papoose Mountain Range, looking roughly north. Area 51 is visible on the far side of the mountain range. Above it, in the background, is the Groom Mountain Range with Bald Mountain as its tallest peak. The peak way in the background on the right is Mount Irish. To the left of the Groom Range is Emigrant Valley and in the back, with a white mark at its base, Chalk Mountain near the Rachel Back Gate.

Not surprisingly no sign of Bob Lazar's alleged UFO hangars built into the side of the mountain above the north end of Papoose Lake. In fact other than a dirt road to the dry lakebed there is no evidence of any infrastructure. Photo 11/24/2019, with friendly permission from the photographer.


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