Area 51 Panorama
taken from Tikaboo Peak on August 21, 2014

This new Area 51 panorama was taken from Tikaboo Peak on August 21, 2014 by a long-time supporter of our web site who wishes to remain anonymous. Special thanks to him and also to our members John Klier and Eric Classen who assembled the individual frames to a panorama and enhanced the images. I decided to share both versions, based on the same raw photos, with our readers. Enjoy...

Click on the preview to open a large version (10k pixels wide) or use the links below the previews for a super-sized version (20k pixels wide). Scroll down for full resolution frames of changes at the base since our last panorama from 2010, going from north to south.

Click here for a super-sized version. Panorama edited by Eric Classen

Click here for a super-sized version. Panorama edited by John Klier

New hangar on the north side of the North Ramp, north of Hangar 6, built between 08/2011 and 05/2012

New engine test hangar ("hush house") east of the North Ramp, just barely visible over the hills, constructed between 08/2011 and 05/2012.
New water tower constructed between 08/2011 and 05/2012. The old red-and-white water tower was removed between 05/2012 and 02/2013

New large building west of the Janet ramp. Construction started around 03/2011 and continued until 02/2013. Also a new "tent" style building built in 03/2011

The four older water tanks on the hillside have been removed between 05/2012 and 02/2013; only the three new, larger tanks are left

New quonset hut north of the gravel pit, constructed between 08/2011 and 05/2012

New very large hangar at the south end of the southern taxi way under construction in 08/2014. Construction started in 06/2014. At this point it is not clear whether this will be a hangar housing a new secret project at Area 51 or a scoot-and-hide shelter or possibly a new covered trim pad. The footprint on satellite images is about 215x215ft. The height, judging from the photos, is about 85ft. A new ramp connects the hangar with the taxi way on its north and south end. Click image to enlarge

Another shot of the new 2014 hangar, taken a bit later. You can see that the crane at its south end has extended its boom, so we know construction is ongoing. Click image to enlarge

Bonus shot of a Janet 737 landing on runway 32R in front of the large 2007 hangar

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