Area 51 Overflight, circa 2000

The photo below was taken around 2000 by Chuck Clark from a light aircraft. They were flying 1/10 of a mile outside the restricted Area 51 airspace, at approximately 3000ft. AGL. The angle is about 6-7 degrees further north than from Tikaboo, and the steeper vertical angle allows a better depth perception of the east-west dimension of the base. It also shows the tower and the Janet terminal, which are obstructed by a hill from Tikaboo.

Clearly visible from left (south) to right (north): Two Janets parked on the Janet Ramp, the Groom Tower, the Janet Terminal, the large complex of 30 single-story dormitories, several support and administration buildings in the foreground, workshops in the background and the original U-2 hangars on the very right. In the foreground you see the two main runways, and the northern holding pad for runway 14L.

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