Area 51 F-16's

A fleet of at least three, possibly four two-seater F-16D serve at Area 51 as chase aircraft and for security. The table below shows the serial numbers of these aircraft.

Serial #CodeTypeNotes
86-0052(none)F-16DPer Scramble, last verified 02/2019
11/2017 photographed in Star Wars Canyon with IRST pod
87-0364(none)F-16DPhotographed 09/2022 in R-2508 "Sidewinder"; possibly based at TTR
87-0383?F-16DPer Scramble, last verified 04/2022
88-0152?F-16DVerified 08/02/23 during AAR in NTTR as SABRE01 with KNIGHT01 from TTR

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