View spots around Area 51

The satellite images below show places around Area 51 with a view of the base. WARNINIG: Most of the view spots are within the base perimeter and are strictly off-limits to the public!

The maps were created by our reader John Klier using a viewshed analysis of the area. The basic methodology was to select six points of interest at the base (teal colored dots spaced evenly along the main runway). The program then analyzes a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the area pixel by pixel and determines how many of the points on the base are visible. Locations with a view of any of the reference points are marked in different colors: Dark green (view of one reference point) to red (view of all six reference points).

Anyone standing at an area in red should be able to see a large portion of the base. You can see that Tikaboo is the only area on public land reasonably close to the base with any red pixels. It's also very obvious why they drew the new border the way they did.

Publication here with John's friendly permission. Publication anywhere outside this web site requires written permission from Dreamland Resort and/or the author. Click images to enlarge.

Download Google Earth plug-in - requires a fast computer and lots of available memory

Download layered PDF file

Overview image. The Tikaboo view spot is barely visible in the mountain range in the East. The distant Reveille vies spot in in the far north-west corner. Click to enlarge.

Detail view, including Area 51 in the south-west, Tikaboo in the east and the Area 51 perimeter around Groom Lake Road and the Groom Range. The former view spots Freedom Ridge (south of Groom Lake Road) and White Sides (north of Groom Lake Road) both show in red. Click to enlarge.

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