Area 51 Panorama
taken from Freedom Ridge in 1995

Original article by Richard Cliff for Dreamland Resort, with the help of Chuck Clark and Peter Merlin. Revised and updated 4/2007 by Joerg H Arnu.

In 1995, Chuck Clark took one of his trips up to Freedom Ridge and took the most detailed photographs of Groom Lake Testing Facility ever to come out in public view. Below are these magnificent pictures that he took on that day with an unrestricted view of the base just 12 miles away from where he was situated. The photographs are arranged in the order going from south to north, beginning with the upper left image. Each photo is described with a caption to the best of our knowledge. Corrections are always welcome.

These pictures are proof that indeed Area 51 is still a hive of activity. Our more recent photos from Tikaboo Peak give evidence that the base has not down-graded in operations in any way, but indeed new buildings have been erected and new runways and taxiways have been added.

Thanks to Chuck Clark for letting us use his excellent photos and for allowing us to be their official online home, and to Peter Merlin for helping to compile this article.

Photos (click to enlarge)

This overview of the panorama was assembled by Chris Williams. For a large version (337kB) click in the image below.

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