Re: Strange aircraft over Oregon

Message posted by gordy on November 06, 2017 at 1:19:39 PST:

Interesting. About the same date range I was driving North near Beale around 2000 hrs. I observed either a flight of two or one aircraft with nothing but two white strobes about 50 feet apart. They were departing to the North and accelerating at a very rapid rate. In fact, they reminded me of the times I had seen SRs departing after aerial refueling, but at a much shallower angle of climb. They continued on a due North course and were only visible for perhaps 12 seconds. I couldn't think of anything based at Beale that had that kind of speed. Clearly moving at supersonic speeds, but I heard no boom. My wife, who also flies, was driving in another vehicle right behind me and saw the same thing.

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