Dreamland surveillance tech, circa 1995

Message posted by Berry Muhl on October 27, 2017 at 21:23:08 PST:

I'm gathering research for a work of fiction I've been writing. The rough draft of the prologue, which involves an attempt to get close to Groom Lake and to surveil it, is done, but I'm striving for technical accuracy, so want to make sure I'm not over- (or under-estimating) the available security technology.

I'm assuming that ground surveillance radar and infrared motion detectors would be deployed around the perimeter and possibly scattered over the grounds. Can anyone provide me with a decent idea of what else would have been available in 1995? Is there a resource that can provide me with the specific capabilties? I'm particularly interested in what might have comprised the heat signature triggering a detection event.

Thanks in advance.


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