Re: XB-70 and YF-12A at Edwards

Message posted by Scot M Tway on March 18, 2017 at 21:57:51 PST:

I attended my brothers graduation from the USAFA in June of 1966. After the end of the graduation ceremony there was always a Fly-By. I had attended many of the graduations as my father taught in the History Department there form 1959 until 1962 and we lived on base during that time.
After the fly-by appeared to be over and everyone started to leave the Parade Grounds and the announcer had gone silent a deep rumble was heard in the distance. For those who have never been to the USAFA, it is built at the base of the Rocky Mountain on the top of ridges and in the valleys between. The Parade Grounds were in one of the valleys so we couldn't see the horizon. The rumble could be felt more than heard....until a Black, log nosed, delta type winged UFO appeared over the ridge and proceeded to go almost straight up on full afterburner into the clear blue sky.
Most everyone stood in shock either saying or just looking like "What the Hell was THAT?" I noticed some of the 2 and more star Generals were all smiling knowingly.....The announcer then said "This concludes the Ceremonies"
I was 15 and have never forgotten that day.

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